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4 Types Of LED Emergency Light Power Supply


What is the power supply for led emergency light? Every […]

What is the power supply for led emergency light? Everyone knows that led emergency lights can still provide people with a certain amount of time to escape, evacuate, etc. after the normal power supply is cut off. Then everyone understands the LED emergency light power supply? Next, the emergency light manufacturer will come to take you to understand the related knowledge of led emergency light power.

What is the power supply for led emergency light?

When a fire or other accident can no longer provide normal power for the led emergency light, the led emergency light power supply will start to supply power for the emergency lighting. Led emergency light power can be divided into four categories:

1. Diesel generator set. Compared with other led emergency light power supplies, setting up diesel generator sets is not economical and not reasonable enough.

2. Battery pack. The battery pack can be further divided into a battery that is included in the emergency light, a battery pack that is set up in a centralized manner, and a battery pack that is set in a centralized manner.

Generally speaking, the self-contained battery pack in the lamp is converted more quickly, the line fault has no effect, and the battery damage influence surface is also small, but the investment is relatively large, and the continuous illumination time is limited. However, if the battery pack is set centrally or in a centralized manner, the power supply reliability is high, the conversion is quick, and the maintenance and maintenance are relatively easy; however, a special room is required, and if the fault occurs, the influence surface is also large.

3. A feeder line from the power grid that is effectively separated from the normal power source. This kind of power supply has the advantages of short conversion time, long working time and reliable operation. Therefore, this kind of power supply is also the most common and convenient, especially in large and medium-sized cities, large and medium-sized factories to obtain such power supply is relatively convenient. If there is a ready-made power supply available, of course it is the best. If you set up this kind of power supply specifically, it is not economical.

4. The power supply mode of any two or three power combinations above.

Emergency Light Manufacturers suggestion: The choice of led emergency light power supply must be comprehensively considered and selected according to the type of emergency lighting, conversion time, continuous working time and the power supply and actual engineering characteristics of various power sources. It should ensure safety, reliability and technology. Priority and economic rationality.