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Air compressor daily maintenance knowledge


1, Daily or before each operation: (1) Oil and gas tank […]

1, Daily or before each operation:
(1) Oil and gas tank drainage
(2) Check the oil level
(3) peripheral equipment preparation, such as water and electricity transmission, open the compressor outlet
2, 500 hours of operation:
(1) Remove the air filter clean, with 0.2MPa low pressure compressed air from the inside out blow.
(2) after the new machine oil filter change.
(3) Change the coolant.
(4) clean air filter cup filter;
(5) Clean the drain valve filter.
3, 1000 hours of operation:
(1) Check the action of the intake valve and the active site, and add grease.
(2) Clean the air filter.
(3) Check the pipe fitting fastening bolt and the fastening wire terminal screw.
4, Operating 2000 hours or 6 months
(1) check the ministries pipeline
(2) Replace the air filter
(3) Change the oil filter
(4) Replace the air filter cup filter
(5) Replace the automatic drain valve filter
(6) to supplement the motor grease
5, 3000 hours or a year of operation:
(1) Check the operation of the intake valve and the valve is closed.
(2) Check all solenoid valves.
(3) Check the protection of pressure switch is operating normally.
(4) replace the fine oil separator.
(5) Check the pressure to maintain the valve.
(6) Clean the cooler and replace the o-ring.
(7) Replace the air filter, oil filter.
(8) Check the starter action.
6, Every 6000 hours:
(1) Clean the coolant circuit system
(2) replace the screw air compressor coolant (exhaust temperature of 85 degrees below the replacement cycle).
7, 1 year or 2 years:
(1) Replace the body bearings, the seals, adjust the gap.
(2) Measurement of motor insulation, should be 1MΩ above.