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Air Compressor Manufacturers-How To Detect Air Compressor Leaks?


Air compressor leaks can cause severe headaches, and do […]

Air compressor leaks can cause severe headaches, and do not leave them unattended. Therefore, it is essential that you not only pay attention to any problems, but also ensure that all air compressor systems and equipment are properly maintained and working properly.


Unfortunately, air leaks are actually very common. Therefore, it is necessary to understand why they happen and how to deal with them when they happen. Please continue reading, we will guide you through some useful information to ensure that you are ready the next time you encounter such problems.


How to detect air compressor leaks
The easiest way to find out an air compressor leak is to hear it. In the factory, it is recommended to arrange a person to move around regularly for monitoring when not in production. This person should listen to the treble of compressed air leakage.


Unfortunately, not all leaks can be easily heard by the human ear. Therefore, it is also helpful to have an ultrasonic leak detector on hand.


The device detects high-frequency sounds produced by compressed air leaks. These tools can even be used in production, which makes it easier for factories and their staff to detect air leaks.


How to solve the leak
In most cases, the leak can be repaired by simply tightening the connection to prevent air from escaping. But sometimes a more complex and costly solution is needed.


If the equipment is old or cracked, you may need to replace the equipment to prevent leakage. Although the up-front cost of newer, high-quality equipment may be higher, it is less likely to fail and operate more efficiently than older equipment.


How to prevent leaks
The best way to ensure that the chance of compressed air leakage is low is to use quality equipment from trusted manufacturers. There are reasons for the low cost of cheap equipment, and it is usually not worth the risk when considering possible impacts.


Another good way to prevent leaks is to reduce the air pressure in the system. As the air pressure decreases, the amount of potential compressed air leakage will also decrease, because the transmission capacity of compressed air is not strong.


It is also important to ensure that all connections in the system are properly sealed. The equipment should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that the chance of leakage is minimized.


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