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Air Compressor Suppliers-Choice Of 2 Different Air Compressors


Air compressors are very useful equipment, often used i […]

Air compressors are very useful equipment, often used in automotive lenses and construction sites, as well as home use. The compressor is designed to convert the energy in the compressed air into kinetic energy, which can then be used to power domestic tools. There are a few things to consider when deciding whether to use a gas compressor or an electric compressor, depending on the needs of the equipment. Here are the differences between gas compressors and electric compressors.



Electric air compressor
If a power source is nearby, an electric air compressor is usually more convenient. They are cheaper than gas versions and are often used in many different applications. They are available in a portable and permanent style and have universal stop and start switches that will shut off the compressor if the tank pressure drops. Then, if the pressure level is too high, the switch also turns off the device. If no tools are currently used, it will stop the motor.



However, electric compressors cannot be used with extension cords. Therefore, they are not easy to carry in construction or industrial work. They are not as good as gas compressors for heavy duty jobs, but they are excellent for smaller jobs and indoor jobs. If you are looking for a portable 12V air compressor, we will cover it in this guide.



Gas air compressor
Gas-air compressors Gas-pressure compressors provide the same total pressure as electric compressors, so there is not much difference in performance. If you are not in the power supply range, then usually only gasoline is used to implement the gas compressor.



The main difference between these two units is the stop-start mechanism. The gas compressor does not open and close by itself, but is equipped with a pilot valve that can be opened and closed to determine what the pressure in the tank is at any given time. The continuous opening mechanism is generally suitable for tools that require a predetermined and continuous air flow, such as sprayers, grinders or sanding tools.



Remember that gas compressors cannot be used indoors either. The noise and smoke emitted by the gas compressor when it is used outdoors is not important, but if you inhale such smoke indoors, it may be harmful to your health. In addition, gas is a flammable substance, so care must be taken when using it. So seriously, gas compressors cannot be used internally at all. They are also often heavier than electric compressors.



Size and power
Keep in mind that most gas compressors are single-wheeled models with dual boxes, compressors and engines, perfect for heavy work outdoors. You don't need to worry about the power of the site, just carry enough fuel to meet your needs. However, the heavier your size and power, the more loud you must listen.



Most importantly: if you have power, you should always choose generators because they are quieter, more power efficient, and more fuel efficient because you don't need to refuel the tank.



Specification considerations
Remember to look at the power of each compressor from a CFM or PSI perspective. In terms of air flow, CFM is cubic feet per minute provided by a compressor and PSI is pounds per square inch. You need to match the power of the air compressor to the power of the tool as closely as possible.



To power many pneumatic tools, use a compressor that has sufficient air pressure to power it, and therefore requires much more air pressure than the most powerful tools. This is important because your air compressor must apply enough pressure to power all tools at once.



Rotary / reciprocating screws
You will find that the main types of air compressors use reciprocating and rotary screws. Reciprocating is the most commonly used and suitable for indoor use. Rotary screw compressors are ideal for industrial applications and construction sites, providing a stable air supply. As a result, they are more suitable for commercial situations that require a compressor to run at all times.



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