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Air compressor valve installation


1, the selection of new valves Each valve is specifical […]

1, the selection of new valves
Each valve is specifically designed for specific conditions, deviating from the actual conditions or improper design of the valve will make the number of abnormal parking equipment increased. Qualified valve should have a high efficiency and energy saving, good air tightness, timely action, long life, low noise, low temperature and other characteristics. When the overall replacement, the different manufacturers of the valve can not be mixed in the same compressor (especially the same level on the cylinder).
2, installation
(1) should first confirm the system piping, cylinder, valve nest has been thoroughly cleaned.
(2) the valve pad must be replaced, bonnet bolts must be tightened evenly to prevent the valve installed partial.
(3) the installation of compressor intake valve, the need to adjust the load regulator, so that the top of the stem and the valve between the 1-2mm gap to ensure the normal operation of the valve.