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Air compressor valve maintenance


    Assembly Valve parts after inspection and repair af […]

Valve parts after inspection and repair after assembly should pay attention to the following points:

(1) parts to be clean;

(2) valve contact with the valve seat, valve and lift limiter radial clearance,

(3) the replacement of internal parts (such as valve, cushion, spring, etc.), must also be replaced at the same time.
Missed leaks
Valve leaks before installation. At present, a large number of new non-metallic materials used in valve manufacturing, before the use of kerosene or water on the valve static pressure leak test technology is not fully applicable. Because non-metallic materials susceptible to temperature, humidity and other external environment caused by deformation, only the spring is not enough to correct, so with kerosene leak, the valve may show unqualified. Valve is sealed by internal and external pressure, and only with the work environment similar to the test method to correctly check the valve. At present, a new type of valve leak detection method that is air tightness measurement method to simulate the characteristics of this condition, can accurately detect the valve leakage.