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Air compressor valve maintenance


    Inspection and repair of parts (1) Check the damage […]

    Inspection and repair of parts
(1) Check the damage of valve parts. Check whether the valve and spring are broken, twisted, deformed and the spring is no elastic, if the above situation, the replacement.
(2) check the valve, the valve seat sealing surface wear and scratches. When the sealing surface is slightly worn, pitting, uneven and scratched, the sealing surface can be ground on the grinding platform. Grinding, to become "00" shaped movement to ensure uniform sealing surface grinding, will not cause single-sided tilt and radial traces, so as to ensure that the sealing surface with a close. When the sealing surface damage is serious, then replace the valve or seat.
(3) Check the wear of the valve and lift limiter rails. When the valve set on the rail, the hand movement of the valve, the displacement can not be greater than 0.5mm, or should be scrapped.