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Application of emergency power supply


At present, the use of the emergency power supply, is a […]

At present, the use of the emergency power supply, is advanced and practical, it can realize the microcomputer monitoring and processing, to achieve automatic control of emergency lighting, fire shutter doors, elevator, water pump, exhaust fan fire control facilities. Such products are mostly high-rise buildings, airports, telecommunications networks, computer rooms, hospitals, important venues and other projects. Has the following characteristics:
(1) when the power grid is power, it is in static state without noise, less than 60 dB, without smoke exhaust and shock treatment;
(2) automatic switching can be realized unattended; the switching time between the power grid and the power supply is 0.1s to 0.25s;
(3) carrying capacity, suitable for inductive, capacitive and comprehensive load equipment, such as fire elevators, water pumps, fans, emergency lighting, etc.;
(4) the use of reliable, in an important situation can use double hot standby mode, to ensure that the accident and fire, power supply reliable, the host life of more than 20a, battery 5A ~ 10A above.
(5) it can be placed in basement or distribution room when it is in bad condition. It can be set up in the place of emergency load and reduce power supply line;
(6) for some power consumption facilities, such as fire pumps and fans, it can be directly connected with the motor. After the frequency conversion starts, it will enter the normal running state;
(7) emergency standby time, the standard type is 60min (with time delay interface). log on to our official website for more details :