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Battery overview


Battery, also known as rechargeable batteries, is a rec […]

Battery, also known as rechargeable batteries, is a rechargeable battery can be completely, the following the editor to tell you about the storage battery knowledge.
There are many kinds of chemicals used in the storage battery and their design. It is not advisable to try charging a non battery (primary battery) because it may cause a battery explosion. If some batteries are completely discharged, they can easily be damaged by reverse charging, while some require full discharge at regular intervals. At present, batteries are widely used in low power equipment, including automotive starters, various portable equipment and tools, uninterruptible power systems, etc.. The demand for batteries in hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles improves the technology in order to reduce costs, reduce their weight and increase their life.
The battery is the chemical energy directly into electricity, a device that, according to the rechargeable battery recharging design, achieved by reversible chemical reaction, usually refers to the lead-acid battery, it is a cell, which belongs to the two battery. Its working principle: when charging the external power for the regeneration of internal active substances, the energy stored as chemical energy, need to discharge again converted to output energy and chemical energy, such as commonly used in mobile phone batteries etc..
The storage battery uses a lead grid (also called a grid) filled with spongy lead as negative electrode, and a lead substrate grid filled with two lead oxide is used as an anode, and dilute sulfuric acid of the density 1.26--1.33g/mlg/ml is used as an electrolyte. When the battery is discharged, the metal lead is the negative pole, and the oxidation reaction produces the lead sulfate. Two lead oxide is the positive electrode, and the reduction reaction leads to the formation of lead sulfate. When the battery is charged with direct current, the lead and two lead oxide are formed at the poles. After the power is removed, the battery is restored to the state before discharge, and a chemical battery is formed. Lead battery is able to repeatedly charge and discharge, the single voltage is 2V, the battery is the battery pack, consisting of one or more than one single short battery, the most common is 6V, 2V, 4V, and other 8V, 24V battery. For example, a battery (commonly known as a battery) used in automobiles is a battery pack in which 6 lead batteries are connected in series into 12V.
For dry charged conventional lead-acid battery (such as automobile, motorcycle dry charged battery dry charged battery etc.) to add distilled water after a period of use of the dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte holding about 1.28g/ml density; its use until the end of life will no longer need to add distilled water.
The above is the introduction of battery knowledge, we can understand. A storage battery is an electrical chemical device that stores chemical energy and emits electrical energy when necessary.