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Cause Analysis of Air Compressor Failure


1, the media dirty or external impurities into the peop […]

1, the media dirty or external impurities into the people
Solid impurity particles in the compressor under the pressure of high pressure caused by violent ball valve damage caused by parts, or dirt caught in the sealing surface between the valve failure.
2, the media with liquid
Media with liquid or compressor gas-liquid separator failure, will cause liquid pressure on the valve, the valve due to withstand additional shocks and accelerated failure, mainly for the compressor operation sound abnormalities.
3, cylinder oil excess
Compressor cylinder with oil lubrication, if too much oil, excessive oil in the valve in the formation of oil viscosity, resulting in the valve due to delay off or open and break.
4, changes in working conditions
Compressor Each valve is designed according to specific conditions, the situation fluctuates or deviates from the design value for a long time, the valve will soon fail.
5, after a long time to restart the boot
After the compressor has been placed for a period of time, the oil contained in the cylinder lubricating oil or the medium is stored in the tank, which will not only cause corrosion of the cylinder and the valve, but also because there is no effluent or unsealed valve , Resulting in cylinder with liquid start, easily lead to liquid and oil viscosity.
6, other reasons
Unit resonance, improper operation, environmental factors, etc. will also affect the service life of the valve.