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The "heart" Of The Engine - The Upgrade Of The Ignition System


The ignition system is an important part of the engine. […]

The ignition system is an important part of the engine. Without an ignition system, the engine's work would be unsustainable, the car would lose power, and the car would be parked midway, so the ignition system was very important to the engine, called the engine's core. "Once the heart of the engine" does not work, it is the result above, then Lin Sheng will look at the composition of the ignition system with you, what items can be modified?

The car engine needs ignition to start. In addition to the starter, the car also has a complex ignition system. It is mainly composed of a battery, an ignition switch, an ignition coil, an ignition controller, a distributor, a spark plug, etc., and its function is to follow the firing order of each cylinder. At some point, the spark plug is supplied with a high voltage of sufficient energy to create a sufficiently strong spark between the two poles of the spark plug to ignite the compressed mixture to operate the engine.

Before the ignition system is modified, it is necessary to know whether the performance index of the ignition system of the vehicle to be modified is normal, and confirm the conversion request after confirmation. The contents to be checked are as follows:

1. Whether to periodically replace the spark plug spark plug has a service life of 10,000 to 40,000 kilometers.

2, whether the cold and heat value is correct, which can be judged by removing the state of the spark plug point. If the temperature is too cold (the heat dissipation is too good), black carbon will appear on the electrode; the superheated electrode will appear white, the electrode will corrode, and the ceramic will be cracked.

3. The condition of the high voltage line is damaged or leaked.

4. Whether the battery voltage is compatible with a larger capacity battery after installing a high-power audio amplifier.

Linsheng Electrical Co., Ltd. stated that the improvement of the ignition system is to supplement the original ignition system. The purpose of the modification is to shorten the time required for magnetization, increase the secondary voltage, reduce the flashover voltage, extend the spark period, and reduce transportation losses. The specific modification method can start from several directions instead of spark plug, high voltage line, ignition module and so on.