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China Emergency Light -Learn The Basics Of LED Emergency Lights


Today, LED emergency lighting systems have become very […]

Today, LED emergency lighting systems have become very popular due to their low energy consumption, high efficiency and flexibility. However, before rushing to obtain an LED emergency lighting system, it is vital to understand the basics (what they are and how to choose the best).

LED emergency lighting is usually used in emergency situations, in which the main power supply is disconnected and every normal lighting fails. This could be due to a power outage or fire. It is important that LED emergency lighting be fully automatic and provide sufficient lighting so that all occupants can safely leave the house.

In general, the decision to use a standalone LED emergency lighting system or a central battery may depend on cost. If the installation is durable and requires very little maintenance, the central battery, although expensive, may be ideal for large projects. Cost and lighting are often the main issues, especially for smaller jobs, and it is this standard that makes standalone systems more popular.

1. LED emergency lighting drive temperature

Make sure your LED emergency lighting is aging and electronically tested. This helps determine whether the LED emergency lighting panel can withstand excessive temperatures. This guarantees performance, safety and stability.

2. Emergency Escape Lighting

Emergency escape lighting is part of an emergency lighting system that provides lighting to ensure personnel safety before leaving the site or attempting to end a potentially hazardous process.

3. Standby lighting

Backup lighting is usually provided to maintain normal activity to a large extent.

4. Consulting Design

The first thing to do when installing LED emergency lighting escape lighting is consulting and design. Fire risk assessors and designers should meet and make comprehensive decisions about where the system is needed, and develop a plan that describes the type of power source, coverage location, facilities, duration, and mode of operation.

5. Select a specific location for emergency lighting

After determining the type of LED emergency lighting system to be installed, proceed to select a specific location for the lighting sign and unit at a specific location. This will then help you choose the right device. Keep in mind that emergency LED lighting signs should be placed carefully to establish a clear exit route to the building's final exit. If the exit cannot be identified, a visible sign should be used instead of lighting. Special attention should be paid to changes in orientation, changes in personal stairs, changes in ground height, corridor intersections, workshop and bathroom areas. Access to fire fighting equipment and fire alarm call stations should be properly illuminated.

6, working mode

When selecting an LED emergency lighting system, the operating mode is an important factor to consider. Therefore, you should consider major factors such as maintenance or non-maintenance. The use of this site determines whether a maintenance-type or maintenance-free LED emergency lighting system is used.

Application characteristics of LED emergency lights

Very fast installation and reasonable price
Low cost of hardware materials
Can use standard wiring materials
Reduce maintenance costs
Burn-through will automatically meet the needs of lighting equipment
No unique sub-circuit monitoring requirements
Improve integrity and efficiency

Testing needs isolation

Under different environmental conditions of the entire system, the battery may be severely affected by high or low ambient temperature
Battery life is usually limited to four years, depending on the application

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