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China Emergency Light Manufacturers-Importance Of Emergency Lighting Technolog


Every year, blazes kill thousands of people. The deadli […]

Every year, blazes kill thousands of people. The deadliest fires usually occur in industrial environments. In 1999, 17,500 fires broke out on industrial property, an increase of 9.4% over 1998, resulting in 120 civilian deaths. In 1999, industry suffered from a deadly industrial fire. For example, in January a fire broke out in a bolt mill in Marysville, Florida, killing two workers. Then in February, a fire broke out at Rouge Steel in Dearborn, Michigan, killing several employees;


Such a deadly fire has inspired a revival of national fire safety and prevention awareness.


Emergency lighting for incandescent and fluorescent lamps
Over the past decade, emergency lighting technology has been a significant advance in the field of fire safety. Advances in emergency lighting technology Ten years ago, most exit signs used incandescent lamps. These lights last only about 5,000 hours and are inefficient. For normal operation, these lamps need to be replaced twice a year. Ignoring this frequent maintenance can have devastating consequences.
The disadvantages of incandescent emergency lighting have led to the replacement of fluorescent light sources. Although fluorescent lamps have a longer service life, can last about 10,000 hours, and require only annual maintenance, fluorescent lamps have high operating costs.


2.LED emergency lighting system
LEDs are composite semiconductor devices that convert electricity into light when biased in the forward direction.

Today, advanced high-brightness LEDs are installed in a variety of lighting applications. The advantages of LED include small size, low power, low heat generation, long life, uniform brightness and compatibility with integrated circuits. LEDs emit red or green light depending on their chemical composition. Traditionally, red is the preferred wavelength. Because red light scatters 6.5 times less than blue light, it has better penetration in a smoke-filled environment. In recent years, green exit signs have been favored because the sensitivity of the human eye increases with the shortening of the wavelength. The die-cast aluminum exit sign with LED light is reliable, durable and beautiful in design. These basic features make the exit ideal for a variety of applications, such as high-end buildings, educational institutions, and hazardous locations that require emergency lighting. These types of exit signs with LED lights do not generate heat and are suitable for use in humid locations, which is important because fire sprinkler systems are often activated. Selecting an LED emergency light source Not all LED lights have the same function.

Things to consider when selecting an emergency light source include:
The first qualification is to choose the best form of LED light.
In today's export sign market, the two most widely used types are: Al In Gap and Al Ga As. The Al In Gap LED lamp introduced in the 1990s has a wavelength of 630 (nm) and can provide very stable long-term light output. At 20ma, the minimum intensity is 1,000 (mcd) and the typical intensity is 4,000 (mcd). Al Ga As technology has high luminous efficiency and can produce high light output. It came out in the 1980s with a wavelength of 644 (nm), but has a shorter life than Al In Gap LED technology. At 20ma, the minimum intensity is 290 (mcd) and the typical intensity is 750 (mcd). * Self-diagnosis.

Studies have shown that many emergency lighting systems are not properly maintained or inspected. In most emergency situations, current power failures require backup batteries to power the emergency system. If not maintained regularly, these batteries may not work after a fire. Self-diagnosing emergency lighting is the easiest way to overcome this negligence. This type of circuit usually monitors one minute every 30 days and 30 minutes every six months to monitor the voltage and function on each unit. Some products have indicators that tell you when you need to replace any defective parts.

Emergency laser technology
laser light. Usually, in a fire, smoke will obscure the herringbone direction indicator on the exit sign from a distance. Therefore, emergency laser technology was developed in 1998 to work with export signs. With this new technology, certain systems use an approved Class 3a laser option to direct the occupant into dense smoke. This lighting system activates a red laser beam in emergency mode and provides up to 40 feet of directional light depending on the intensity of the smoke. The laser beam can be pointed at the exit so you can guide you safely without hesitation until you are close enough to read the exit sign. Soon, laser lighting will be incorporated into more emergency products.
In addition, since the fire alarm cannot be heard, the strobe function will be designed with an exit sign to prevent hearing damage. Tamper-resistant and easy to install. Tamper resistance and ease of installation are essential for building owners. Most emergency lighting systems use vandal-resistant lenses above the exit surface and secure them in place with tamper-resistant screws. The new laser emergency system also makes installation easy. First, the laser device is easy to install, and then the installer can rotate the laser beam eye to 180 degrees to point at the exit. The future of emergency lighting Most local regulatory jurisdictions have adopted some form of standard for exit signs and emergency lighting. Over the past few years, some standards have become more stringent, but emergency lighting standards may have become more stringent. Driven by insurance companies' lower premiums for buildings that meet the latest standards, building owners can upgrade their emergency lighting systems to more reliable LED light sources.
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