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China Emergency Light Manufacturers: LED Explosion-Proof Emergency Light Features


China Emergency Light Manufacturers: LED Explosion-Proo […]

China Emergency Light Manufacturers: LED Explosion-Proof Emergency Light Features

LED explosion-proof emergency lights are a kind of lamps that can be used in the case of power failure. It is also because of its strong emergency that it is often used now In the mining industry, chemical industry, military industry, etc., especially in some flammable and explosive environments, using it can still achieve the safe evacuation of personnel in emergency situations and without power supply. It is precisely because of its role that any unit working in a high-risk gas environment attaches great importance to it.

The characteristics of this LED explosion-proof emergency light are also reflected in the following aspects.



1.Long emergency time

As an emergency work, although it is usually not used, it usually has the most important performance at an important point. However, it must also have a long emergency time when it is emergency. Because of the safe evacuation of personnel, It must take a long time.



2.Long life

Because it is not used normally, or ordinary people will ignore him, it will naturally be damaged or malfunction because it is not in use. The biggest feature of this lamp is also here. It uses LED light sources. Not only does it guarantee its energy saving, but also it will not cause any failure when it is not used for a long time.


3.Avoid Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, it is precisely because many people ignore it, so it is rarely maintained. In order to ensure its work, it must also have the most unique circuit design, which not only reduces its Maintenance, the most important thing is to use it in a dangerous environment, and still ensure its safety.


4.Easy installation

This is also required for work. Explosion-proof emergency lights can be installed in several different modes and can be installed in any environment.


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