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China Emergency Lights-Emergency Lights: Important Basic Services in Buildings


In the event of a power outage, emergency lights are th […]

In the event of a power outage, emergency lights are the most important basic service in high-rise buildings and public buildings. When this happens, the lift stops working, unable to pump water to the roof, and fresh air stops distributing throughout the building.

The only way to leave a high-rise building when the elevator is not working is to escape the fire stairs. Since most fire ladders do not have natural light, they rely entirely on emergency lighting systems on emergency backup batteries.

Although there is no immediate threat to safety, there is still a small time window to safely leave the building-the emergency lights operate for 90 minutes. Emergency lighting performance is an insurance policy building to ensure that all personnel are safely evacuated.

The challenge of emergency lighting in the past was that maintaining standard fluorescent emergency lights at 100% operating time was time consuming and expensive, especially when it was related to battery failure.

The good news is that as new LED technology is inherently more reliable, many of these issues have been resolved over the past 5 years.

The well-designed lamp has features such as a battery drawer that is easy to remove for repairs and upgrades and / or easy access, so battery replacement can be easily performed without powering down. These simple design features greatly reduce the time and cost of repairs and maintenance.
What should a construction manager look for?

Many buildings contain emergency lighting systems that are well past their use dates. Triggered events such as power outages or biannual emergency lighting test failure reports are ideal opportunities to replace fluorescent technology with the latest LED technology.

Hiring a professional company is critical, as choosing approved lighting and maintaining emergency and normal lighting levels is critical. In many cases, if the right lighting is selected, the cost of upgrading will be significantly reduced, as capital costs are offset by energy savings.

The impact of a power failure across a building can be significant-business disruption, equipment failure, data backup and risk of inventory / perishables loss. None of this is convenient, but it is not life threatening. Emergency lighting systems may not work properly.

With the improvement of modern LED emergency lighting technology, emergency lighting has fewer failures.

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