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China Jump Start-7 Tips For Successfully Starting Heavy Vehicles


As mercury levels drop, it is a good choice to review s […]

As mercury levels drop, it is a good choice to review some good practices for starting heavy vehicles.

Here are 7 tips for successfully achieving a heavy start:

1. Always make sure you have the right working tools. The Quick Start is available in various sizes, and some are designed to perform multiple functions. However, the main function of any starter is to start the vehicle when needed. Therefore, make sure to use a heavy-duty jump starter that matches your specific starting needs correctly. This is crucial when quickly starting heavy vehicles.

2. Take care of your beginner, it will take care of you. Maintaining the state of charge, especially at extreme temperatures, which is usually the most difficult for batteries. In addition, if you can store it at temperatures above 50˚F in winter, the performance will be better.

Don't underestimate the importance of finding a suitable vehicle ground for negative clamping. A complete conductive circuit is an absolute requirement for a successful start. You should look for heavy metal parts of the vehicle chassis or engine block away from the battery. Do not connect to carburetor, fuel lines or sheet metal body parts.

3. If the vehicle's battery is a traditional full-fluid battery, make sure it has the proper water level as determined in the manufacturer's guide. If the water level is low, add distilled water according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Do not overfill, otherwise it may cause leakage and other problems. Also, never try to start a frozen battery.

4 On vehicles with multiple batteries, the state and conductivity of the battery connection is particularly critical. Check that all batteries are firmly connected. Visually check the connection for signs of deterioration or other problems. For example, the discoloration of the battery connection may often be the result of carbon deposits on the cable, which will cause a voltage drop on the cable, thereby reducing the starting power.

5. On vehicles with multiple batteries, always connect the battery closest to the starter. This will ensure that the maximum power obtained from the quick starter is transferred to the startup system, rather than being exhausted by the battery pack, which can be very tiring, depending on the number of batteries involved.

6. On large vehicles (such as OTR trucks), it first takes a few minutes to ignite the glow plug. Connect the starting starter correctly, put the car key in the attachment position, and open the glow plug, which takes 20 to 40 seconds. Then turn the car key to the off position and allow the jump starter to recover for 2-3 minutes. Then try to start the vehicle quickly. This process will greatly increase your chance of success.

7. When determining the size of the starter required for a heavy start task, there are many factors at play, including the type of vehicle you need to start, the number of times you want to start, the operations that need to be performed on any given day, and the typical to start The number of batteries in the vehicle and the extreme temperatures encountered in a particular climate.
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