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Comparison of Two Installation Modes for Air Compressors


Compressed air is the focus of production or decentrali […]

Compressed air is the focus of production or decentralized production of more economic the answer to this question, depending on the requirements of the direction of the air compressor business. In these two ways, each can find out the reasons for support and objection, which way is realistic, only specific analysis of the problem can be sure.
Over the past few years, the number of users of compressed air has risen considerably, and the pressure they need is often different. Therefore, everyone should ask questions for themselves: from a single air compressor Compression of the final pressure for the supply of these equipment, is reasonable? For less gas consumption, low pressure gas equipment, install a pressure relief valve to work, may be economical. But if most of the gas equipment must use 6.5 bar of gas, then the use of higher pressure to work is not economical, because as long as a few devices need  a higher pressure.
It should be noted that for every 1 working pressure increase, the cost of energy will rise by about six to seven percent, while three percent of the air compressor equipment will be determined by energy costs.
It can be seen, in many cases, the equipment gas consumption is high and low, with a decentralized air compressor installed for their gas supply more economical. The air compressor is concentrated and distributed with its advantages, listed below:
1. The advantages of centralized gas supply:
Installation of low cost, small footprint, due to the use of centralized filter inhalation of air, centralized room ventilation, cooling water treatment, compressed air cooling and drying equipment, the control of the compressor operation more convenient, the emission noise is also more effective eliminate.
Using a larger motor and air compressor host, its high efficiency, so the energy consumption is relatively low. The same applies to electric accessories such as freeze dryers and fans.
Regular air compressor maintenance work costs are low.
The number of reserves required to meet the irregular gas peak is less.
2. Advantages of decentralized gas supply:
The air compressor is ideally suited to the actual required operating pressure in the corresponding plant area.
Gas supply network is small, less internal leakage, so that the pressure loss reduced.
No need to set up a pipe in the outdoors, the chance of condensation damage (frost) to a minimum.
Failure, with external networking to ensure gas supply.
in conclusion:
A centralized air compressor station is usually preferred. Dispersion installation only in exceptional circumstances have advantages, such as factory equipment scattered, far away, or the use of large amount of gas and the required pressure is different.