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Compressed air is used in various industries


   1. inflatable inflatable: tire filling, blow molding […]

   1. inflatable inflatable: tire filling, blow molding, blowing, blowing, food filling and so on.
   2. Control instruments: machining centers, machine tools, printing machinery, power plant auxiliary equipment control, train brake, rail track device, vehicle doors and windows opening and closing, control valves, instrument power and so on.
   3. Drive equipment: air guns, nail guns, robots, pneumatic drill, picks and so on.
   4. Surface spray: metal surface sandblasting, surface painting and so on.
   5. Dust transport: power plant smelter coal transportation, cement plant dust transport.
   6. Press: metal casting, forging and so on.
   7. Chemical reaction: chemical chemical reaction, oxygen, nitrogen and so on.
   8. Purge: power plant pipeline cleaning, smelter, mechanical processing plant iron filings, dust purge, table cleaning and other ventilation, tunnels, mine underground ventilation.
   9. Aircraft manufacturing: spray machine, die, drive assembly tools, rigs, steam hammer, lifting hoist, combination of knives, reamers, rivets, screwdrivers, forging hammer, metal forming press, sandblasting, painting.
   10. spray washing machine: spray washing machine, drive assembly tools, lifting hoist, pneumatic control, forging workshop, sheet metal workshop.
   11. beverage factory: bottle washing machine, canned machine, barrels of internal spraying, food industry gas.
   12. Cement manufacturing: storage ventilation, mixing of cement slurry, cleaning of cement bags, mixing of raw materials, dumping trucks, cleaning equipment, clinker cooling, transportation of cement and coal, cement kiln cleaning, loading and unloading, lifting and lifting, pneumatic control The
   13. Thermal power plant: blowing clean pipe, blowing smoke, clear boiler and condenser pipe, jet cleaning, transmission of coal, clear water, pneumatic control.
   14. Hydroelectric power plant: engine control, lock maintenance, drive controller, drive lubrication pump, drive lock, start control, cleaning garbage network.
   15. Food industry (general application): mixing liquid, fermentation tank with gas (oxygen), with a nozzle cleaning equipment, a clear container with a nozzle, conveying raw materials, food dehydration, filtration.
   16. Forging workshop: blowing oxide, door air curtain, lifting hoist and lift, driving bending and straightening machine, driving the clutch brake and tightening device, driving forging hammer, driving the fuel.
   17. Casting workshop: molten iron truck positioning, cleaning equipment, transport sand, drive pneumatic tools, sand machine, grinder, lifting hoist and lift, picks, steel than the brush, sandblasting, sieve, spray core.
   In summary, the application of compressed air industry, including machinery, automobiles, electronics, electricity, metallurgy, mining, construction, building materials, petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, textile, environmental protection, military and other industrial and civilian production and life each field.