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Correctly select the compressor


   If you want to create a new compressor system or upd […]

   If you want to create a new compressor system or update the old compressor, you must pay attention to select the appropriate compressor model, should choose energy-saving advanced compressor, and its performance indicators to meet the requirements. The principles of selection are as follows:
(1) to ensure that the production process requirements in the safe and reliable operation of the conditions, the selection of the regular operation of the conditions to be based on selection, and should not be based on the maximum conditions for the selection.
(2) to understand the performance of the compressor products, the use of the main parameters and requirements of the operating conditions to see if it can meet the requirements of the use of conditions.
(3) Compressor supporting ancillary equipment, such as buffer, gas cooler, oil separator, etc., should be matched with the host, and to meet the use of process requirements.
   (4) to consider energy-saving benefits, investment recovery period:
    Payback period = p1-p0 / p2.
    p1 - purchase of energy-saving (new) compressor product cost conversion value.
    p0 - conversion value of old compressor after retirement.
    p2-year energy efficiency conversion value.