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Design defects of traditional evacuation indicating system


The first is the design concept of the problem, the tra […]

The first is the design concept of the problem, the traditional emergency evacuation indicator lamp in the "nearest guide" in the way of the fire evacuation guide, in this way, the building was built, it has been determined that the escape routes. But the fire is often unpredictable, the spread of the fire is not static, and the use of a fixed escape path to guide people to escape, will inevitably lead to some people into the smoke filled dangerous areas. In addition, the fire scene of the escape personnel, it is easy to panic, blind psychology, once the evacuation signs pointing to dangerous areas, may lead to unnecessary casualties.
The second is the objective negative factors brought by the characteristics of the building itself, such as for high-rise building, is a multi layers, vertical evacuation distance is longer, the evacuation to the ground or other safe places required time will increase; the two is a large scale, personnel evacuation, path set unreasonable, turning. Irregular, prone to confusion congestion, affecting the safety evacuation; three is the construction of various vertical wells do not fire separation deal or not deal with the requirements of the relevant regulations, the big pull pull the fire smoke, fire, leading to spread fast, to increase the difficulty of safety evacuation. In addition, there are some emergency lights in their own problems, one of the problems that are difficult to avoid is the battery loss and aging. Usually this problem no centralized battery power supply in emergency lights, but by the emergency lamp with self-contained accumulator, and not in the works acceptance timely find out the problem, but also in building a few years ago it would not be a big trouble, but a few years later, with the luminaire battery charge and discharge, due to improper aging the problem of large area, and maintenance personnel did not find fault and maintenance, will eventually lead to the failure of emergency lighting for fire escape personnel, leaving a huge security risk. Secondly, due to the production and export of safety evacuation indicator lamp manufacturers, LED lamps with different styles and different specifications, some of the font is too small, and some vague image and not easy to understand, these problems will increase the difficulty of safety evacuation. Some other subjective factors will have a negative impact on the emergency evacuation, such as design personnel not in accordance with the relevant design specifications in evacuation lighting illumination is not up to the standard, once the fire happens, in order to prevent electric shock and fire through expansion of electrical equipment, line, need to immediately cut off the power supply part and the fire fire, then if emergency lighting is not enough illumination, people in a panic is prone to confusion, smoke and, more difficult to accurately determine the optimal escape route.log on to our official website for more details :