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Does Spotlight Company Introduce What Are The Classifications Of Car Lights


Does Spotlight Company introduce what are the classific […]

Does Spotlight Company introduce what are the classifications of car lights?


It can be divided into LED lights, halogen lights, HID xenon lights, Xenon lights, turn signals, width indicator lights, fog lights, signal lights, etc.


LED lights: high brightness, low energy consumption, but small illuminating range, mostly used for signal lights.


Halogen lamp: regarded as the most traditional car lighting, it is still the mainstream.


Xenon lamp: refers to High-intensity Discharge, that is, high-pressure gas discharge lamp. White xenon lamps are mostly used in automobiles, which are characterized by high luminous energy efficiency, power saving, long life, and no glare. But also because of this, inadvertent attention to the switching of the low beam and the high beam when meeting cars can easily dazzle the driver of the oncoming vehicle.


Turn signal: This light is turned on when the vehicle is turning, and it flashes intermittently to remind the attention of vehicles and pedestrians. The turn-on time of the turn signal should be grasped well, and it should be turned on when it is about 30 meters to 100 meters away from the turning intersection. Driving too early will cause the illusion of "forgetting to turn off the turn signal" to the car behind, driving too late will make the following vehicles and pedestrians unprepared, often making mistakes in the busy schedule.


Width lights at night: commonly known as "small lights". This light is used to display the width and length of the car body at night. Drivers have to check frequently during routine maintenance. Some drivers think that small lights can't be used for lighting and don't pay enough attention to them. This is very wrong.


Fog light: It can help the driver to improve the visibility when driving in fog, and can ensure that the oncoming car is found in time, so as to take measures to ensure a safe rendezvous. Therefore, when driving on a foggy day, the driver must turn on the fog lights, instead of replacing them with small lights. If the rear fog lights are turned on in non-fog weather, it will be very dazzling to the drivers behind.


Signal light: including turn signal (double flash) and brake light. The correct use of signal lights is very important for safe driving.