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Effect of air humidity on air compressor


The air containing water vapor is called moist air. The […]

The air containing water vapor is called moist air. The air in nature is essentially moist air, but the humidity is different. From the nature of the moist air, it is known that at the same temperature and pressure, the density of the moist air is lower than that of the dry air, and the higher the humidity is, the smaller the density is. The coefficient that considers the humidity of the air to reduce the displacement of the compressor is called the humidity coefficient. .

The actual working cycle of a vane compressor is affected by factors such as clearance volume, suction and exhaust resistance, suction temperature, air leakage and air humidity. In addition to the clearance volume, all other factors will increase the circulation function of the air compressor, and all factors will reduce the amount of exhaust gas. Their effect on the displacement can be expressed by the exhaust coefficient.

In addition, in the working process of the sliding vane compressor, there is always a temperature difference between the gas and the cylinder wall, so that the gas in the initial stage of compression, get heat from the high temperature cylinder wall, become endothermic compression; after the air is compressed to a certain extent, Heat is released to the cylinder wall and becomes exothermic compression. Therefore, during the compression process, the variable index is a variable.