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Eight factors of air compressor energy saving


Air compressor is one of the general equipment in manuf […]

Air compressor is one of the general equipment in manufacturing industry. It is necessary to do well the energy saving management of air compressor. In order to save the production of enterprises, enterprises equipped with high efficiency air compressor imminent. Then, how to make the air compressor energy saving? Yuyao Lin Sheng Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. https://www.linsheng.comsummed up the compressor eight energy saving commonly used path, hoping to help enterprises with greater energy consumption to achieve the goal of saving electricity and reducing consumption. For the catalogue of high energy consuming equipment which has been eliminated by the state as well as the low efficiency air compressor, the new type of air compressor with high energy efficiency should be considered as a whole.
1,  governance leaks.
According to estimates, a small hole in 1mm2, 7bar pressure, leakage of about 1.5L/S, check all the pipe network and gas points, especially the joints, valves and other places, promptly deal with leakage point.
2,  pressure drop governance.
Set up pressure gauge through pipeline segment to check the pressure, check the pressure drop of each section in detail, and check the pipe network in time. The general air compressor to export gas, pressure drop should not exceed 1bar, strict and even less than 10% 0.7bar, cold and dry filter section pressure drop 0.2bar. factory to set a circular network, the use of gas pressure balance.
3,  adjust the gas equipment pressure matching.
Assess the pressure demand of the gas equipment, and minimize the exhaust pressure of the compressor when the production is guaranteed. The exhaust pressure of the air compressor is reduced by 1bar each, and the energy saving is about 7~10%.
4,  adjustment unreasonable gas use behavior.
According to authoritative data, air compressor power utilization is only about 10%, and about 90% of the energy lost to heat, the need for factory gas equipment for evaluation, can use the electric way to solve. At the same time, we should resolutely put an end to routine cleaning with compressed air.
5,  adopt centralized control mode.
The number of air compressors is small, a variable frequency air compressor can be used to adjust the pressure. If the quantity is large, centralized linkage control can be adopted to avoid the step type exhaust pressure rising when the parameters of the multiple air compressors are set up.
6, do a good job of equipment maintenance, cleaning.
Increase the heat dissipation effect of air compressor, exchange effect of water cooling, air cooling and other heat exchangers, keep oil quality.
7, air compressor waste heat recovery.
The air compressor oil is recovered to produce hot water for use in other processes or auxiliary living facilities.
8,  drying system transformation.
The new drying equipment uses compressed air waste heat to dry and compress compressed air. The energy saving rate is over 80%