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Emergency lamp battery installation and maintenance


1, in the engineering design, in order to facilitate th […]

1, in the engineering design, in order to facilitate the usual maintenance and management, fire emergency lighting is best by the layer to the special feed automatic emergency lighting power supply circuit.
2, in order to ensure the fire emergency lighting power supply reliable, conditional substation should be low-voltage emergency bus section power supply, that is, when the diesel generator with emergency power supply, as long as the generator put into use and emergency light battery supply sufficient , It has electricity to continue to ensure power supply.
3, in the fire state, close to the ground less smoke, oxygen and more, the evacuation of the instinctive reaction is bending or creeping forward, so the local high illumination than the high installation of the uniform illumination to bring more effective. Therefore, low installation should be promoted, that is, in the vicinity of the ground or on the ground to provide evacuation emergency lighting.
4, emergency lights are discharged in the state of the factory, the use of 20 hours before the charge must be carried out before discharge.
5, the use of emergency lights should be regularly carried out performance checks, every two weeks or a month through a continuous switch test to check the circuit conversion and battery emergency function, and discharge to extend the life of the emergency lamp battery.
6, do a good job of the distribution line of fire protection, dark deposited when laying in the non-burning body structure, the protective layer thickness of not less than 30mm; Ming wear when the metal tube, and brush in the pipe outside the fire paint or other fire protection measures; Using fire-resistant cables or fire-resistant cables, wires.