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Emergency Light Manufacturers-Camping Emergency Light Selection: 4 Things


A perfect camping, must spend the night in the wild, a […]

A perfect camping, must spend the night in the wild, a mountain, a lone lamp, or accompanied by three or five friends, or sit alone and meditate on the knees, under the vast starry night, the camp lamp is an indispensable companion for outdoor camping, so how to choose one What are the factors to consider for a good camping emergency light?


1.Length of lighting: Being able to provide stable and continuous lighting for a long time is an important criterion for considering camp lights. Camping emergency lights have a charging cable that uses a USB port. The built-in charging system can be used at any time without being troubled by wires. The maximum sustainability is 4 Warm light at 300 lumens per hour, low-brightness sustainable lighting for about 80 hours.


2.Illumination brightness: The light output is measured in lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. Generally, the brightness of camp lights is between 100-240 lumens. Some camping emergency lights can reach a maximum brightness of 300 lumens, and the brightness of the stepless dimming design can be adjusted from 30 lumens to 300 lumens at will, which can better meet the lighting needs inside and outside the tent.


3.Portability: When outdoor sports, people hope to be more portable after meeting the needs. Faced with complex camping conditions, the camping emergency light has a portable hanging design and any hanging can achieve a variety of fixing methods to free your hands.


4.Water resistance: When you go camping, it is inevitable that you will encounter a humid environment, and even rain and rain. The waterproof performance of the camp lights is particularly important. Some camping emergency lights are waterproof, which can eliminate the harmful effects of splashing water droplets from different directions.



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