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Emergency Light Manufacturers-LED Emergency Light Installation Notes


Led emergency lights are a special kind of lighting too […]

Led emergency lights are a special kind of lighting tool, especially in some public places, the use of emergency lights is relatively extensive. In the case of sudden power failure of normal lighting tools, emergency lights will play their biggest role , To help staff to guide staff to launch a series of rescue activities. Now it's time to think about how to install led emergency lights?



First, to install LED emergency lights, we must first ensure that we have a stable power supply. The power supply is the most important factor. If the power supply is unstable and the normal lighting tool is suddenly powered off, the emergency light will not be used normally. It is best to use a low-voltage emergency bus section to supply power. Even if a generator is used to generate electricity, the emergency light can be used normally.




Second, pay attention to the height of the LED emergency light installation. You are in some special fire situations, the ground has less smoke and more penis. If people are evacuated, you must overcome the advance, so you need to choose the installation of the LED emergency light Some lower positions are best near the ground.



Third, the LED emergency light must be properly charged before use, and must be used for 20 hours before use so that it can be used normally.




Fourth, LED emergency lights need to do regular inspections, at least every half a month or a month to do the relevant inspections to ensure normal use under special circumstances.



China emergency light manufacturers     suggest that they can find professional installation masters to help enterprises install LED emergency lights, pay attention to small details in daily use, and believe that lamps can play their important role in special circumstances.



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