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Emergency Light Manufacturers-Tips For Buying Rechargeable Emergency Lights


Emergency light manufacturers provide you with quick ti […]

Emergency light manufacturers provide you with quick tips to remember when buying rechargeable emergency lights. Please continue reading when purchasing to make a wise choice.

Linsheng Electrical Co.,Ltd   always recommends placing emergency lights in homes, offices, travel backpacks and cars. Even in the case of a power failure of the inverter battery, an emergency light can save you a lot of trouble when there is a power failure for a long time or when an emergency occurs during the journey. When studying the functions of the emergency light product line, we drafted the emergency light purchase list. We are sharing the same list with you so that you can make the correct purchase decision the next time you make a purchase.


1. Charging options

Be sure to check which charging options the lamp provides. For example, does it support both grid and solar charging or one of them. Choose as needed. I personally recommend buying a product that supports both solar charging and grid charging. The product comes with a solar panel.


2. Choose LED to replace other LED

LED lights have become a thing of today, and for obvious reasons-including higher light intensity, lower power and longer service life. Therefore, when making a purchase decision, please select the LED charging lamp.


3. Battery backup time

The battery backup time defines the duration that the lamp will provide you with full brightness without any fluctuation after the lamp is fully charged. The average backup time on the market is 4 to 8 hours. According to your purchase decision, give a lamp or lamp praline point that can provide more than 10 hours of battery backup power.


4. Light intensity

Don't assume that the number of LEDs directly indicates the intensity or brightness of the lamp purchased. The market is flooded with LEDs of various intensities. Therefore, two lamps with the same number of LEDs may actually have different light intensities. Always ask about the light intensity provided by the bulb. When you make a purchase decision, some of the following numbers should come in handy. To be used as a learning lamp, it needs an intensity of 450 lumens, and for a medium-sized room, it needs an intensity of 1700 lumens. and so. Make a wise choice!


5. Battery charging time

Charging time refers to the time required for the lamp battery from low to full charge. For bulbs that can provide 10 to 15 hours of backup batteries, the average charging time should not exceed 9 to 10 hours.


6. Warranty

Finally, always check whether the manufacturer provides you with a certain warranty for the product. In addition, if you want to buy a bulb battery, does the seller provide a mechanism to order the bulb battery after the current battery life expires. It is strongly recommended that you choose products that can provide certain warranty.


In addition, five buying tips are provided above, and here are some nice features that will ensure that your product has a long life and can continue to work reliably.
7. Battery protection to prevent overcharging

Battery charging and discharging is an important phenomenon. Repeated overcharge cycles will damage the battery. If the charging lamp you plan to purchase has a protection mechanism to prevent the battery from overcharging, then you can hope that the battery will last longer.


8. Low battery indication and deep discharge protection

Just as the battery should not be charged repeatedly, it should not be put into a deep discharge state. The low battery indicator indicates that the battery is low and you need to turn off the lamp to prevent damage to the battery. In addition to the low voltage indication, some manufacturers also provide built-in protection against deep discharge.


9. Rechargeable battery

The battery used in the lamp should be rechargeable so that you do not have to change the battery frequently.


10. Portable

The bulb should be lightweight so that it can be easily moved from one place to another.

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