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Emergency Light Manufacturers-What Is A Smart LED Emergency Light?


Intelligent LED emergency lights can be used both as tr […]

Intelligent LED emergency lights can be used both as traditional luminaires and as emergency lights during power outages. The original circuit structure can be directly replaced without changing the original circuit structure during installation. Moreover, LED lamps have a longer service life and lower power consumption, so they can save energy and be more environmentally friendly.

Emergency Intelligent Light—Characteristics of Intelligent LED Emergency Light

1.Intelligent sensing: When someone or a car enters the detection range of the product, the intelligent sensor works to turn on the lamps, and automatically goes out after leaving the detection range.

2.Intelligent delay: The intelligent sensor light starts from the time when the last active object is detected, and it will automatically turn off without delay, which will not cause the situation to go out halfway.

3.Working mode: After the induction switch is turned on, during the delay time period, if there is an object, the activity switch will continue to be turned on until the moving object leaves.

4, light-sensitive control: according to the external light intensity, automatically identify day and night, control whether the switch works, to achieve the effect of energy saving.

5.Compared with infrared products: farther sensing distance, wider angle, no dead zone, can penetrate glass, and thin wood boards, according to different power, can penetrate walls of different thickness, not affected by environment, temperature, dust, In the case of more than 37 degrees, the sensing distance will not be shortened, and the temperature will change without changing the sensing distance.

Emergency Intelligent Light—Application Range of Intelligent LED Emergency Light

It is widely used in factories, schools, warehouses, terminals, airports, hospitals, hotels, hotels, large office buildings, high-end entertainment venues and all living environments.

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