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Emergency light purchase considerations


1, Buy fire emergency lights should pay attention to bu […]

1, Buy fire emergency lights should pay attention to buy regular manufacturers of products, some counterfeit products in order to reduce costs, the use of components are mostly poor quality products, not long time will be frequent failures, causing undue loss to consumers . Pick up and shake it a few times to check the internal battery and power transformer fixed parts are solid, if the internal sound, then the internal components loose, otherwise it shows a good fixed.
2, Check the function switch is normal. The switch is placed in a double fluorescent gear, then the two lamps should be lit at the same time, and the same brightness without flicker phenomenon. The ears attached to the lamp shell, carefully listen to the internal step-up transformer leakage phenomenon, if leakage phenomenon, step-up transformer will have a "Zizi" sound.
3, Turn on the power, charging indicator should be lit, listen to the internal power transformer for iron core loose and produce "buzzing" sound.