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Emergency Light Suppliers-Arrangement Of Fire Emergency Lighting


The location, location and height of fire emergency lig […]

The location, location and height of fire emergency lighting fixtures are clearly specified in the “high regulations” and the relevant building codes, but some improper practices were found during the review:

1.Enclosed stairwells, smoke-proof stairwells or evacuation walkways are often provided with induction lights and exit lights instead of evacuation lights. Although induction lights and exit sign lights can be used as part of evacuation lighting, the illumination intensity often fails to meet the requirements . Evacuation lighting is generally located on the wall or under the ceiling, and is relatively high. It mainly works in the early stage of a fire when there are many evacuated people. When the fire develops, the smoke rises and diffuses, and it is often blocked first. The induction lamp of the two is not exactly the same in time and effect and cannot be replaced, let alone one. The "explanation" of the "Code for Fire Protection Design of Civil Air Defense Engineering" has a good analysis of this.



2.The escalator cannot be used as an evacuation exit. Its exit sign lights and related guidance lights or shopping guide sign lights, airport, station and other functional sign lights cannot be included in the evacuation lighting system, but can be used as normal backup lighting power Object.



3.Emergency lighting should be provided near evacuation routes or near fire alarm buttons, hydrant buttons, fire telephone jacks and other fire protection facilities in the front room, which is often overlooked.



4.The forthcoming “Low Regulations” also stipulates that evacuation stairs with more than four storey floors should be marked on each stair platform at an obvious location on the landing platform, and should not be blocked when the door is opened or closed. "Civil regulations" JGJ / T16-92 Appendix C.3.6 also stipulates that "Evacuation signs in the stairwell should be installed at the corner or wall above the rest board, and the arrows and Arabic numbers should be used to clearly indicate the upper and lower layers. The author understands the purpose of these regulations, that is, to let people (including firefighters) know where they are in the event of a fire, so that they can make a decision on the action. Therefore, combining the floor number instructions with the evacuation signs is indeed very useful. Necessary, most of the design is not paid attention to.



5.Large-scale public buildings have large areas, complex planes, multiple fire zones, multiple exits, and many fire shutters. Some designers did not first understand the boundaries of the fire zones and the fire zones to which each safety exit belongs, and arranged for fire evacuation. The induction lamp is relatively random, even misleading people to the exit of another fire prevention zone. Once the fire shutter rolls down, the escape will be at a loss. In some places, such as shopping malls, it is difficult to install the induction lamp at a low position because there are counters around. Had to suspend, at this time the height should not be too random, should be controlled at 2.20 ~ 2.50m, if installed too high, it is easy to be affected by fire and smoke to affect the visibility.



6.For larger civil air defense basements, there are several personal defense units and several fire protection zones, and it is difficult to design cross-evacuation lighting, because the exits in wartime are not completely the same as the exits in peacetime, and they are usually the safe exits in peacetime. During wartime, it is necessary to block, and during the wartime, some mouth exits must be closed normally. The requirements for the distance between induction lamps and wartime are different, and the directions are also different. Many designs are mixed and expressed on a single picture. There is no difference in the legend. Add "note", so it is advisable to promote the separate drawing of wartime and peacetime lighting. Under the premise of clearing the professional divisional map of the building, clearly indicate the boundaries of the air defense, unit, and fire protection zone, so that all parties in design, review, construction and supervision can It is clear that errors can be greatly reduced, and it is also convenient for conversion and installation during wartime. Of course, the relatively simple basement of civil air defense can be clearly expressed by using legends and legends, or not.



In addition, the underground garage is used to guide the exit sign lights and guidance lights of the car, and should be different from the guides for the legend and selection. One point must be very sober, in the event of a fire, it is mainly to evacuate personnel to escape. Induction sign lights for automobiles should not be incorporated into fire emergency lighting systems, but can be incorporated into backup lighting. Car ramp exits cannot be used as evacuation exits for people. People and vehicles are not allowed to flow. There is also an adjacent civil air defense unit with a two-way closed closed door which is an evacuation exit. Both sides of the door should have war exit sign lights, but the emergency power supply should be led from the lighting circuit of each unit.



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