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Emergency light use caution


1, Determine the location of the lamp and power box ins […]

1, Determine the location of the lamp and power box installation, select the appropriate installation, and prepare the appropriate length of the three-core cable and five-core cable.
2, Use M5 Allen wrench to open the power box cover with cable inlet, remove the ballast. One end of the prepared three-core cable according to the explosion-proof requirements from the output of the power box to the ballast; and then one end of the five-core cable from the input of the power box to the ballast; the battery wiring into the circuit board The corresponding battery positive and negative wiring position (Note: the red line connected to the cathode, the black line connected to the negative), close the power box cover and fixed.
3, According to the determined location, respectively, after the lamp and power box installed and fixed, use M6 Allen wrench unscrew the screws around the front cover, open the front cover, the other end of the three-core cable explosion-proof requirements with the lighting connection, Then the front cover fixed; the other end of the five-core cable explosion-proof access to electricity, you can achieve lighting.
4. Pull the emergency function switch on the ballast circuit board to the OFF position to realize the external wire-control emergency function of the lamp (if it is not required to use the wire-control emergency, simply pull the switch to the ON position, and the emergency Features.
5. When replacing the lamp, unscrew the captive screws around the front cover of the lamp with M6 hexagonal wrench, open the front cover, unscrew the old lamp and replace it with a new one, then fasten the front cover.
6, The use of emergency lights should pay attention to the dark light, fluorescent lamps start charging difficulties immediately, a charge of about 14 hours. If you do not use it for a long time, you should charge it once in 3 months and the time is about 8 hours.