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Emergency power supply options


Emergency power supply Buying Information: emergency po […]

Emergency power supply Buying Information: emergency power supply products with the design of different needs of the product changes, so the purchase of each specifications for the varieties should be described as follows:
(1)the number of input routes, is a two-way into the electricity or a single incoming;
(2) input phase number, is single or three phase;
(3) the total load capacity, refers to the total load capacity of a  emergency power supply;
(4) load type, refers to the lighting, or do power, with what load;
(5) emergency standby time;
(6) the number of output branches, refers to the number of calls required to return;
(7) whether there is a fire linkage and the number of branches;
(8) the location and mode of entry and exit and outlet hole size, refers to whether there are special requirements of the inlet and outlet;
(9) Other requirements, as required by the above requirements;