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How to buy emergency lights?


How to buy emergency lights? Considerations for purchas […]

How to buy emergency lights? Considerations for purchasing emergency lights!
Fire emergency lighting system includes emergency lighting, emergency exit signs and lights, is to cut off the normal lighting power supply in case of fire, guide the trapped personnel and set up evacuation or fire fighting and rescue operations. The following is a small number of emergency lights provided for you, how to buy emergency lights, buy emergency lights precautions for all of us in the purchase is helpful.
1, the purchase of emergency lights, it is best to formal protection of reputable shops, supermarkets.
2, the purchase should pay attention to identify the authenticity of emergency lights, you need to have a product certification, and ask for formal invoices and three packages of vouchers.
3, consumers in the use and charging, should be strictly in accordance with the instructions on the product instructions for use, and away from flammable items, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.
4, the use of emergency lights in the accident or problems, the relevant departments to strengthen the corresponding emergency lights Market management, to ensure that consumers during the period of tight electricity consumption safety;
5, we should further strengthen the rectification of the order of the emergency lamp market, and achieve a healthy and orderly development.
6, take effective and effective measures to standardize the order of market operation, and prevent accidents from happening again and again.
7, establish and improve the relevant management system, and fully protect the consumer power shortage period of personal property safety.log on to our official website for more details :