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How to choose air compressor?


The basic criterion of choosing air compressor is econo […]

The basic criterion of choosing air compressor is economy, reliability and safety.
First, the exhaust pressure should be taken into account and the amount of exhaust. For general purpose air compressors, the exhaust pressure is 0.7MPa, and the old standard is 0.8MPa. At present, there is an air compressor whose air pressure is 0.5MPa in the society. It is unreasonable from the point of view of use, because the pressure margin is too small for pneumatic tools, and the distance of gas transmission is a little far away, so it can not be used. In addition, from the design point of view, this compressor is designed as a primary compression, the pressure ratio is too large, easy to cause exhaust temperature is too high, causing the cylinder carbon deposition, leading to accidents. If the compressor used by the user is larger than 0.8MPa, it should be specially made, and the method of pressurization can not be taken so as not to cause accidents.
The air displacement is one of the main parameters of the air compressor. The air pressure of the compressor should be matched with the required amount of exhaust, and a margin of 10% should be left. If the use of large air compressor and small amount of exhaust, pneumatic tools to start, will cause air compressor exhaust pressure greatly reduced, and can not drive pneumatic tools. Of course, the blind pursuit of large exhaust capacity is also wrong, because the greater the amount of exhaust, the larger the compressor motor, not only the high price, but also the waste of purchasing funds, the use of energy will also waste power.
In addition, the peak volume, the usual dosage and the trough amount should be taken into account in the selection of the exhaust volume. If a low dosage and large dosage and usually peak consumption is not large, the usual way is to obtain a large amount of foreign air to air compressor in parallel with small amount of exhaust gas, increases one by one boot, which not only has the advantage of power grid, but also can save energy.
Two, it is necessary to consider the gas field and conditions. Venues such as small gas (ship, vehicle), should be vertical; such as gas with the change of long distance (over 500 meters), should be considered mobile; if the occasion should not use electricity, should choose the diesel engine driven; if there is no occasion to use tap water, you must choose air-cooled. In air-cooled, water-cooled cooling method on two types of users often have the wrong understanding, that water well, in fact. Domestic and foreign small compressor stroke cold type accounted for more than 90%, this is because in design, wind cooling is simple, use without water source.
The fatal drawback of water-cooled compressor has four: there must be a complete water system, large investment; short life of water-cooled chillers; in winter in the north is also easily frozen cylinder; in normal operation will waste a lot of water.
Three, we should consider the quality of compressed air. General air compressor compressed air generated by both contain a certain amount of lubricating oil, and a certain amount of water, oil and water cut is banned in some occasions, then not only pay attention to selection of the compressor, when necessary to increase the attachment.
Solutions: first, the use of non lubricated compressor. The compressor cylinder is basically oil-free, and its piston rings and fillers are generally teflon. But this machine also has the shortcomings of bad lubrication, the high failure rate; PTFE is a kind of harmful substances, food, pharmaceutical industry cannot be used; only do without gas compressor lubricating oil is not, can not do without water. The second is also a common method of adding air compressors (either type) to one or two purification units or dryers. The device can make the air of the compressor neither oily nor water cut, so that the oil content in the compressed air is below 5ppm, and the process requirement can be satisfied.
Four, it is necessary to consider the safety of compressor operation. Air compressor is a kind of machine with pressure working, it is accompanied by temperature rise and pressure, and its operation safety should be placed in the first place. The state has standardized the "two certificates" system for the production of compressors, that is, the production permit for compressors and the production license for pressure vessels. Therefore, in the selection of compressor products, we must strictly review the "two cards."". Usually the manufacturer's product quality assurance system is perfect, there will be no major quality problems, even if there are some problems, but also by the manufacturer responsible for three packs.