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How to choose the compressor driver?


The equipment used in the industry to provide power is […]

The equipment used in the industry to provide power is called a driver, and other types of energy are generally converted into mechanical energy. A high-efficiency driving machine consists of a motor controller, a motor, a coupling, and a drive wheel. The coupling of the output shaft of the motor is directly connected with the drive wheel main shaft. The rotation speed of the motor is adjusted by the motor controller knob to control the drive wheel main shaft. Speed, and then adjust the rotation speed of the drive wheel, to achieve the purpose of changing the speed and capacity of the drive.

The drive is very important to the air compressor. It is the power source of the compressor and is responsible for providing power. Different types of aircraft, the type of drive used is not the same, how to choose the right drive for the machine?

1, speed considerations. The speed of the drive and the speed of the driven compressor should be suitable, and the difference will increase wear during operation.

2, the choice of different types of air compressors. The type of driver used in different types of aircraft is different. The piston is generally driven by a motor because of its low rotational speed. The centrifuge should be driven by a steam turbine and a gas turbine. Its rotational speed is relatively high.

3, the choice of driver power. In fact, the shaft power of our machine is smaller than the driver's power and should be purchased larger.