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How to make air compressor deal with hot weather


The emergence of hot weather is the high incidence of a […]

The emergence of hot weather is the high incidence of air compressor failure rate, air compressor generally appear the phenomenon of high temperature exhaust, affecting the efficiency of air compressor, air compressor will stop operating in severe cases, and how to solve These problems? The following is the way to deal with the high temperature phenomenon of screw air compressor:
First, the ambient temperature: air compressor 35-40 ℃ ambient temperature in one of the best operation, lower than this value is also better, because the air compressor exhaust temperature failure occurs half because of the ambient temperature.
Solution: Improve the ventilation system in the air compressor room, such as adding exhaust fans and air ducts, and export the hot air generated by the air compressor to the air compressor room so as to reduce the temperature of the air compressor room so as to reduce the air compressor exhaust temperature .
Second, the oil system: As the air compressor lubrication system, lubricating the compressor head, reducing wear and tear moving parts, exhaust temperature and other air compressor oil temperature is too high a direct result of high exhaust temperature, lower oil temperature will be reduced Exhaust gas temperature.
Solution: Check the oil system is blocked, reduce the oil flow rate, lubrication coefficient. Such as oil filter, heat exchanger (radiator), temperature control valve (thermostatic valve), etc., check the lubricating oil is too little, such as leakage, repair, replacement parts leaks lubricating oil, piping, add the right amount of lubricating oil. Such as lubricating oil is too dirty, impurities (carbon deposits, gums, etc.) more should be replaced with a new lubricating oil, clean the entire oil system, replace the oil filter, temperature control valve calibration.
Third, the compressor head: Compressor head internal motion bearing damage can also lead to exhaust temperature is too high, audiometric compressor head and bearing whether there is abnormal sound, normal, bearing damage to compressor operation should be smooth, dull sound , Such as the operation of a clear percussion sound, sharp sound, etc. prove that the compressor head wear more serious, bearing damage.
Solution: Replace nosepiece, correct bearing position, correct head rotor. Such as the compressor head case, the rotor appears larger wear and tear, spraying should be carried out, because more serious wear and tear, will lead to reduced compressor head discharge.
Thus, to solve the phenomenon of summer air temperature compressor needs ventilation from the room, air compressor oil system cleaning, compressor head calibration and other aspects start. Therefore, the reasonable maintenance of air compressor is an important condition to ensure its efficiency.