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How To Use: Lead Acid Battery Jump Starter?


1. When discharging lead-acid batteries, you must avoid […]

1. When discharging lead-acid batteries, you must avoid deep discharge or discharge with excessive or very small current. A


2. The discharge voltage of the lead-acid battery shall not be lower than the terminal voltage of the lead-acid battery, and the series, parallel connection and loading and unloading shall prevent short-circuit of the lead-acid battery.


3. In the case of normal use of automobile multi-function emergency power supply, the lead-acid battery should try to open its safety valve as much as possible, this method can ensure the safety and reliability of the lead-acid battery.


4. The lead-acid battery for multi-function emergency power supply of the car shall be recharged after the discharge is completed. Otherwise, if it is left for a long time, the capacity of the multi-function emergency power supply for the car cannot be restored.


5. Before using the sealed lead-acid battery for the first time, although we don't need to charge it initially, we need to recharge it. In supplementary charging, the current limiting and constant voltage charging method should be used first, and then the charging should be carried out according to the instructions.


6. Because the maintenance-free battery used in the car's multi-function emergency power supply is made of lead-calcium alloy, the amount of water decomposition is small, and the evaporation is low. Therefore, it has little corrosion to the body of the terminal and wires, and has strong anti-overcharging ability. , The starting current is large, and the electricity storage time is long.


In addition, if the capacity of the lead-acid storage battery of the automobile multi-function emergency jump starter is lower than 80% of the rated value, we should update it, so as to extend the lead-acid storage of the automobile multi-function emergency power supply In terms of battery life, it also helps.

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