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How to Use Linsheng Jump Start Safely


Refer to owner's manual for complete instructions. Make […]

Refer to owner's manual for complete instructions. Make sure vent caps are tight and level. Place a damp cloth, if available, on any of the ventilation caps on both batteries, making sure they are free of fan blades, belts, and other moving parts.

These instructions are designed to minimize the danger of explosion Keep sparks, flames and cigars away from batteries at all times. Wear safety glasses and protect your eyes at all times. Do not tilt the batteries during this operation. Both the battery to be started and the starting source must be of the same voltage (6 or 12 V, etc.).

Power sources beyond the batteries should not exceed 16 V DC for use with other 12 V and 8 V DC systems with a 6 Volt DC system. Place the vehicle with the starter battery or other power source, attached to the vehicle with the battery discharged so that you can easily connect the starter cables between both vehicles. Make sure the vehicles do not touch each other.

1.Switch off all electrical loads on all vehicles and set the parking brake. Set the automatic transmission to the "PARKING" position for manual transmission in "NEUTRAL".

2. Determine whether the discharged battery has the negative (-) or positive (+) terminal connected to ground. The probe is connected to the motor block, vehicle frame, or other good grounded metallic point. The battery terminal that is connected to the starter is the one that is not connected to ground. All vehicles manufactured in the United States after 1955 have a grounded negative battery terminal. All European and Asian passenger vehicles manufactured after 1971 have a grounded negative battery terminal.

3. On a negative ground system, connect the(+) Of the discharged battery cable connected to the starter solenoid. Do not allow positive cable jaws to contact any other metal points except positive (+) battery terminals.

4. Connect the other end of the positive cable clamp (+) to the terminal

Positive starter battery.

5.Connect the negative cable clamp (-) to the other (negative) terminal of the starter battery.

6.Ensure that the final connection of the negative cable clamp (-) on the motor block of the discharged vehicle is far from the battery. Do not connect the negative jaw to the negative terminal of the discharged battery.

7. Start the vehicle and disconnect the cables in reverse order from the connection - the motor block connection (black) is the first to disconnect.