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Indoor LED lighting fixture planning two major trends


The most important thing in the lighting planning is th […]

The most important thing in the lighting planning is the light. The new LED light source is a new road for lighting lighting planning. It has changed our lighting concept to a large extent, and has liberated us from the traditional concept of point and line light sources. The concept of planning has been brought into play and built from scratch. Luminaires have shown greater flexibility in the concept of vision, perception, and conditions. Lighting fixtures in homes will pay more attention to energy conservation and health.


LED is a green light source. The LED light is DC-driven without strobing; there are no infrared and ultraviolet components, no thick radiation, high color rendering and very strong luminosity; good dimming performance, and the color temperature will not be lost when the color temperature is reformed; The light source has a low calorific value and does not require a secure contact; these are not achieved by conventional incandescent lamps and light pipes. It can not only provide cool lighting space, but also perfectly suits people's need for health. It is a healthy light source that guarantees eyesight and environmental protection.

Lighting materialization can be based on the needs of lighting objects and luminous flux, selecting the size of the lighting optical formulation, the number of LEDs and the size of the power; it does not matter that a number of LED light emitting tube combinations are planned to be “secondary” for point light sources, ring light sources, or surface light sources. "Light source", a combination of "secondary light source" to plan fixtures. Because the power of a single LED is relatively low and the illumination is low, the need for lighting brightness alone cannot be met by itself, and it is a very large application perspective to integrate multiple LEDs into a useful LED lighting fixture.

2.Energy saving

LED composition data show that because LED is a cold light source, semiconductor lighting everyone has no thick environment, compared with incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, saving power does not matter more than 70%. In the same brightness, the power consumption is only 1/10 of that of the incandescent incandescent lamp, and 1⁄2 of the fluorescent tube. If the led lamp is used to replace 50% of our existing lighting fixtures, the annual electricity savings in China is equivalent to a Three Gorges. The sum of the power generated by the power station is very impressive.