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Installation and maintenance of emergency lights


1, In engineering design, in order to facilitate the ma […]

1, In engineering design, in order to facilitate the maintenance and management at ordinary times, the fire emergency lighting is best provided by the layer with special feeding circuit.
2, In order to ensure the fire emergency lighting power supply is reliable, has the condition by low voltage power supply of emergency bus line, when the diesel generator for emergency power, as long as the generator is put into use, it is to ensure the power supply of electricity.
3,In the fire state, the smoke near the ground is less and the oxygen is much, and the instinctive reaction of the evacuation is to bend or crawl forward. Therefore, the partial illuminance illumination is more effective than the uniform illumination produced by the high position installation. Therefore, low installation should be advocated, that is, to provide emergency evacuation lighting near the ground or at the ground level.
4, Emergency lights are discharged in the discharge state, the use must be 20 hours before charging, before discharge.Emergency lamp 5, use should be regularly check the performance, every half a month or a month by continuous switch test, with emergency function test circuit and the battery, and discharge, to prolong the service life of battery.
6, Do the fire protection of distribution line, concealed when laid in the non burning structure, the protective layer thickness of not less than 30mm; surface wear of metal tube, and the tube outside the brush fire retardant coating or by other fire prevention measures; the line adopts the fireproof fireproof cables, wire or cable.