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Introducing A Multifunctional Portable Emergency Light


The multifunctional portable emergency light is a light […]

The multifunctional portable emergency light is a light source emitter capable of generating strong incandescent light and infrared light. The design is equipped with a strong incandescent long-range head, an infrared emitting head, a DC power supply body and an AC power supply body, which can be assembled with portable emergency lights. A variety of light source transmitters, cross-border. The utility model has wide application range, and has powerful power when emitting incandescent light, the range is up to 800 meters, and the brightness is adjustable; when the infrared light is emitted, there is no visible light, the concealing property is good, and it can cooperate with various night vision equipments and CCD cameras. Obtain a clear image under all black conditions. It can be used for long-range exploration, night reconnaissance, security and other various purposes, and is widely used by public security, armed police, military and social departments.

The purpose of the portable emergency light of the utility model is to design a portable transmitter capable of emitting strong incandescent light and emitting infrared light, transforming the traditional structure and lighting mode of the flashlight, greatly improving the transmitting power and the transmitting distance, and directly using the two. The brightness is adjustable, so that it maintains the volume and advantages of the ordinary flashlight, and has special functions.

The feature is that the strong incandescent long-range illuminator is a tungsten halogen bulb with two tungsten filaments, and the illuminant of the infrared emitter is an infrared LED.

A plurality of infrared light-emitting diodes in the infrared emitting head are first grouped in series, and the groups and groups are connected in parallel and then connected to the power supply body to form an entire infrared emitting circuit.

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