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Jump Start Car Service - Jump Starter: Start Your Car Safely


Is it really dangerous to start a car with a jump start […]

Is it really dangerous to start a car with a jump starter?
When starting a car, there are three main sources of danger, both of which apply whether you use another car or a jump box as the source of power. The first is that used batteries may leak explosive gas from it, the second is that if the jumper box on the rear side is hooked, the vehicle's electrical system will be seriously damaged, and the third is that the jumper or jumper box must Or set in a safe place.


It's true that starting a car involves a degree of risk, but it can be minimized if the correct procedures are followed.
In some cases, starting a jump is really not a good idea. For example, many hybrid cars have a 12-volt auxiliary battery that can start immediately if it runs out, but trying to use this low-capacity battery to start for others is a bad idea.


The problem is that such a small battery may run out completely after providing a quick start, leaving you in trouble. So, although most hybrids are quick to get started, think twice before offering a hybrid to others.


There is also a potential starting issue because the vehicle's battery is difficult to use. Some of these vehicles have remote positive terminals for charging and starting the battery, while others require some work on your part to use the battery.
Without a remote terminal, using a positive terminal on the fuse box or any other connection that is not actually a battery to jump the car is usually a bad idea and may even be unsafe.


As far as portable car jump starters are concerned, they still need to follow all the correct procedures. You still need to hook the car jump starter in the correct order and position, and you can only use one to start the traditional car battery or the auxiliary 12V battery of the hybrid car. Hybrid.
Use a portable car jump starter safely
Starting a car usually has two main dangers: damaging delicate components in the electrical system and blowing up batteries. Both cases can be caused by crossing the positive and negative cables or by shorting the positive and negative leads together.


The basic method for connecting to a dead battery when using a jump starter is the same as when using a jumper cable:


Connect the positive jumper cable to the positive terminal of the battery.


Connect the negative jumper box cable to the engine block or another good ground location.


Place the jump box in a stable position in the engine compartment, or on the ground if possible, to prevent the jump box from falling, dropping, or interfering with the engine pulley or fan.


Try to start the car.
Carefully disconnect the negative jumper box cable and secure it to the jumper box.


Carefully disconnect the positive jumper box cable and secure it to the jumper box.


Importance of properly connected cables


If you are using a car starter, the battery may still burst, which is why it is so important to properly connect the cables. If you have access to the battery, you need to connect the positive jumper starter cable to the battery positive. If you cannot access the battery, look for the remote positive terminal.


After connecting the positive cable firmly, you need to find the clean, unpainted part of the car body, frame or engine, and this part is not close to the moving parts such as the fan, accessory belt or battery itself.


The main reason you don't want to connect a jump starter directly to the negative battery terminal is that it can cause sparks. If your battery is not functioning properly due to overcharging or internal malfunctions, it may be filled with flammable vapors and will leak even if it is sealed.


Sparks can ignite these vapors, causing the battery to explode. If this happens, you may get sour and get seriously injured. Although this situation is not common, it can cause serious injury, which can occur between 6,000 and 10,000 drivers per year, according to The Straight Dope.


In some cases, the cables of the jumper boxes are too short and you need to connect them directly to the battery. If this is your jump box, it is important to ensure that all accessories (such as lights and radios) are turned off and that the keys are not in the ignition.


When connecting the positive and negative cables to the battery at the same time, connect the positive first and then carefully connect the negative. If possible, wear protective clothing, eye protection, and try to protect yourself from potential explosions.


When is it not safe to use a jump starter?
If you drive a hybrid car, you can usually use a car jump starter or a conventional jump starter on the auxiliary battery. These auxiliary batteries have a nominal voltage of 12V, just like ordinary car batteries, but are usually much smaller.


This means that the main danger associated with hybrid cars and jump start is that if you try to use an auxiliary battery in a hybrid car to make someone else's car jump, you may eventually run out of it until your own vehicle fails to start. It also means that using Jump Starter or a portable power pack with this type of battery is absolutely safe.


Another type of battery contained in most hybrid vehicles uses a much higher voltage than the 12V used in traditional cars and trucks. This means that you cannot start the main battery of a hybrid vehicle with a car starter or jumper cable and another car.


Electric vehicles are similar, but be aware that if you drive an electric vehicle, you should never try to provide or accept a quick start. Electric vehicles should be charged in a very specific way.


If you are driving a regular gasoline or diesel car and the battery is difficult to access, using a jump starter may or may not be safe. If your vehicle has a remote positive terminal designed for charging and starting, it is absolutely safe to use it, but you should never hook the positive clip of a portable jump starter to a fuse box or any other that is actually not suitable for use On the terminals of the fuse. For this purpose.


In some cases, the only safe way to use a portable jump starter is to access the battery and connect directly to the positive terminal.


Then, depending on where the battery is located, it may not be possible to connect to both the positive terminal of the battery and the clean, unpainted part of the body or frame. If the supplied cable is too short, it may be difficult to use a jumper box. In this case, you may have to use actual jumper cables or jumper starters with longer cables.


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