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Jump Start Car Service -Summary of Jump Start Information


Trapped in a car with a dead battery has never been a g […]

Trapped in a car with a dead battery has never been a good time. The driver usually carries a set of jump starters as a backup. A new and even more practical waste battery solution is to absorb steam in the form of a compact jump starter power pack.


These intuitive gadgets don't require another car to provide the electrical lifeline, but they can store electricity until summoned and release the battery's vibrations, putting you on the road right away. The biggest benefit of this solution is that it is very practical, and even if you are alone and don't have traditional crossover cables outside the community, you can still solve the problem yourself.


In addition to jumper cables, most jumper starters have one or one output port, so you can use a power source to charge any electronic device you might use without having to get a 12V power source from your car. The ultimate trouble will be to find yourself in a state of exhaustion and malfunction of your phone, unable to ask for help. This makes take-off starters more practical than traditional cables because they serve only one purpose.


Choose important entry specifications


When looking for beginners everywhere, there are different specifications to consider, and some specifications are less important and can cause confusion.


Jump starter power
Peak power values ​​(amps in this case) typically fill entire electronic devices because they are higher and more attractive to consumers. The higher the peak amperage, the better the starter, right? error. Audio components, generators and jump starters (and other equipment) all list their peak power. In fact, the starting power / rated power / starting current is the more important index to consider.


The battery's starting current (CA) is the amount of power that the battery can discharge for 30 seconds at 32 ° F. The purpose is to start the vehicle. If you live in a cold climate, you need to pay attention to the battery's Cold Start Current (CCA), which is the battery that can consume 30 seconds at 0 ° F without falling below 7.2 volts. This means that in cold weather, you will need higher startup or startup amplifier ratings, but most importantly, peak power is not as important as startup power.


Entry-level size
Because these portable jump starters are designed to stay in the vehicle in an emergency, an important factor to consider may be the size of the device, depending on your vehicle condition. Generally, new trip starters are very compact, and all the trip starters we have here are smaller than standard paper, but if you have a motorcycle or ATV, you can use less space.



Other functions
In addition to the main purpose of providing fast power to car batteries, most portable jump starters can also be used as mobile power. This rated power is separate from the peak / crank rated power, and it lets you know how many other electronic devices you can charge while traveling, or how many times you can energize between charges. Other features (such as an additional charging port) are common, and a built-in flashlight with three modes (on, flash, and fast flash) is standard.



Most of the entry products we introduce here come with alligator clips, chargers, and various other connectors to charge mobile devices or power 12V electronics.



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