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Jump Start Suppliers -What Is A Jump Starter Safety Function?


Although the use of fast-start car batteries is easy an […]

Although the use of fast-start car batteries is easy and common, there are many inherent risks in operation. Therefore, before buying a jump starter, it's a good idea to check your entry car battery safety system. What safety features do you need to know about Jump Starter? let us see.


1.Short circuit protection
Short-circuit protection may be one of the most important safety features on a car jump starter, because a short circuit may not only cause severe damage to the car starter, but may also cause the battery inside the device to explode. Some 12000mah 12v trip starters have short-circuit protection. Unlike other brands, their trip starters are very safe, even if the positive and negative terminals are connected together. Don't worry about any short circuit danger. Therefore, it is best to check it when buying.


2.Overcurrent protection
Overcurrent protection limits the current that a fast-start car battery will provide to its peak rated current, preventing damage to the equipment.


3.Overvoltage protection
This feature prevents excessive voltage from being applied to the device during charging. Again, this can happen during a utility power surge. For example, some 12000mah 12V jump starters: when the capacity reaches 95%, the battery cannot be charged to prevent overcharging.


4.Overcharge protection
When the battery is fully charged, the charging circuit on the more basic starter does not automatically stop charging the device. With overcharge protection function, once the charging circuit is fully charged, it will "float" charge the floating starter without continuously increasing the voltage applied to the battery, which may overcharge and damage the battery pack.


5.Overload protection
It prevents the device from receiving higher currents than the manufacturer's specifications while charging. This may occur when the mains powers the charger of the jump starter.


6.High / low temperature protection
Some 12000mah jump starters have an operating temperature of -10 ° C-55 ° C. If the battery temperature of the jump start car is too high or too low, the jump starter will be stable.



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