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Jump Start Technology And Life Application


The car jump start was introduced in 2012. It has been […]

The car jump start was introduced in 2012. It has been 6 years old. Since its inception, this power supply has been loved by many car owners. It can start our usual use of family cars, motorcycles and other vehicles, even in recent years. Newly-powered new-energy vehicles, car jump starts can also be integrated; and it includes all the functions of mobile power, so it is popular.

jump start process:

Jump start is generally divided into two types. One is a car jump start source for lead-acid batteries. This kind of power supply is a relatively traditional process. It uses a maintenance-free lead-acid battery, which has a large mass and volume. The battery capacity, starting current, etc. will also be relatively large. These products are generally equipped with an air pump, as well as overcurrent, overload, overcharge and reverse indication protection, which can charge various electronic products, and some products also have functions such as inverters.

Another type of lithium polymer battery car emergency start power is a relatively new technology, it is upgraded on the basis of mobile power, built-in high-rate lithium polymer battery, with the late protection technology, at the start When the car can instantly output up to several hundred amperes of current, thus starting the car, this is the core function of this product. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, easy to grasp by hand, and protection functions such as overcharge and shutdown, and the lighting function is more powerful, and can also support various electronic products. The lighting of such products generally has the function of flashing or SOS remote LED rescue signal light, which is more practical.

Car Jump start life application:

Start the car: lead-acid battery car jump start there are many kinds of currents to start the car, the approximate range is 350-1000A, lithium-ion vehicle jump start start-up car current should have 300-400A. In order to provide convenience, the car jump start is compact, portable and durable. It is a good helper for the car owner to start the car. It can provide auxiliary starting power for most vehicles and a small number of ships and motorcycles. It can also be used as a portable 12V DC power supply. Use when you are away from the car or in an emergency.