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Leakage of intercooler in air compressor


Air compressor to achieve isothermal compression, effic […]

Air compressor to achieve isothermal compression, efficiency optimization, to ensure export pressure and temperature indicators, each section should be equipped with intermediate cooler. Because of the strict requirements of the pressure loss and the inlet temperature of each section, the particularity of the design and selection of the intercooler is decided. The intermediate cooler covers almost all the shell and tube heat exchangers, which embodies the design concept of the various heat exchangers. At the same time, it is also an inevitable choice for dealing with many types of machines and large span working conditions.
The compressor intercooler has the image of the compressor's lungs, and its cooling effect and reliability directly affect the aerodynamic performance and overall efficiency of the compressor. With the increase of intercooler for air compressor, a series of coolers suitable for different working conditions and different models are formed naturally. But what is the cause of the leakage in the intercooler of the air compressor?
In order to reduce the power consumption of the compressor and ensure the reliable operation of the compressor, intermediate coolers are arranged between the different levels. In the intercooler, the gas is cooled by cooling water by convection heat transfer. If the intercooler leaks, the gas channel communicates with the cooling water channel, which is in accordance with the pressure of the cooling water.
Leakage of intercooler in air compressor
The intercooler at the back of the first stage, the cooling water pressure is usually higher than the gas pressure. Therefore, if the primary intercooler is leaking, the cooling water will enter the gas side, and the gas will be entrained with water, so that the water quantity of the first stage oil-water separator will increase obviously.
How to solve the leakage of intercooler in air compressor?
According to the above phenomenon, we can make the judgment of intercooler leakage. When the air compressor exhaust system to reduce the amount of air compressor system, pressure began to rise, pressure controller is connected to the signal, then start the intake valve opening decreases gradually, the displacement of the screw machine with the decrease of the current of the motor is reduced. When the system gas consumption increases, the system pressure began to decrease, the controller received pressure to reduce the signal, it will gradually increase the intake valve opening, at this time the screw machine exhaust is also increased to the full amount of output. If the gas consumption continued to reduce system when the system pressure increases to the empty set pressure limit, the controller will be the intake valve is fully closed, the air compressor starts running empty, to run empty delay time set after the motor to stop running, the air compressor can be automatically shut down, when the pressure and exhaust volume changes, start the motor control part (no load start), the air compressor can be automatically switched on. The real implementation of 24 hours no one's job, at the same time, enterprises will save a lot of energy, reducing production costs for enterprises.