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LED emergency power and fire emergency power related knowledge


     With the new energy-saving light source LED lamps […]

     With the new energy-saving light source LED lamps gradually popular, with the security needs gradually increased, LED emergency lights more and more welcomed by the market.
1 .and the traditional lighting emergency power supply, LED emergency power supply is the main component of the power storage part (battery) and emergency converters (inverter); emergency power can be made split, the whole (boxed integration), I The company also produces a bracketed emergency power supply, the emergency power supply into a special T8 bracket, and comes with work instructions board, customers only need to install LED lights, then the electricity, you can achieve emergency detection.
2. LED emergency power supply, can adapt LED fluorescent tube, LED spotlights, LED flood light, LED flat lamp, LED bulb, LED ceiling light and other LED light source, so that it has the power after the emergency lighting function; Different, the matching emergency power supply specifications will also be different, before ordering, should be fully understood;
3. with the high temperature Ni-MH (Ni-MH), nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd), lithium battery LIR and other rechargeable batteries, emergency lighting after power failure time up to 1-5 hours, the battery capacity of the lamp emergency response time Length, I Division can also be based on customer requirements, set a shorter or longer emergency lighting time;
4. conventional LED light source connected emergency power supply, they have fire safety, emergency lighting function. After power failure in less than 1 second automatically converted to emergency lighting, full power emergency lighting, and commercial lighting is almost no difference.
5. LED power is large and requires a long time emergency lighting, if the full power emergency lighting hours, the higher the cost. I introduced the power down emergency power supply, suitable for LED fluorescent lamp or LED panel lights and other LED light source, whether constant current source built-in or external, can achieve reduced power emergency lighting, greatly saving the cost.
6. electricity AC normal supply, the inverter makes the battery pack in the charge \ standby state; trickle charge, maintenance of battery performance and service life.When encountering earthquakes, attacks, fires and other accidents or emergencies, the public AC suddenly Interrupt, the inverter is then converted to emergency battery pack DC power supply to ensure lighting and safety lighting.
7. emergency power supply with multiple protection function: charging protection, after charging saturation, automatically transferred to the trickle charge state, to compensate for battery self-discharge; discharge protection, emergency lighting process, the battery power exhausted, the automatic discharge of the discharge lamp; At the same time with no load, short circuit protection;
8 .emergency power supply comes with a work indicator board, red, green and yellow three lamp beads, respectively, indicating the charge, the main power, fault status, hold down the detection switch can temporarily cut off the mains, so that customers at any time to detect emergency function is normal;
9 .-20- + 70 temperature environment. CE certification, security is guaranteed, the warranty period of more than two years, after three years of continuous use, should be forced to replace.