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Linsheng-Buying A New Air Compressor: Considerations


Buying a new air compressor is very exciting, but it wi […]

Buying a new air compressor is very exciting, but it will definitely take some patience, time and many factors to consider. You will be confused about the range of air compressors, especially when you start to discover many different types of air compressors. In order to avoid buying a compressor that is completely unsuitable for your application, you must have some basic understanding. In order to perfectly match it with your application, the following two most important items should be considered when purchasing a new air compressor.



When purchasing a new air compressor, pressure and capacity are the most important specifications to consider. Pressure is expressed in bar or PSI, and capacity is expressed in CFM, cubic feet per minute. The difference between large compressors and large compressors is not pressure, but capacity. Most compressors you find at dealers have a pressure range of 100 to 180 psi. Your application and air consumption indicate how much pressure and capacity you need.



Pressure-Most compressed air equipment and tools are designed to operate at pressures up to 100 psi (7 bar). Therefore, you may need an air compressor with a maximum pressure of 7 bar. However, some applications require high pressures up to 300 bar, so make sure you know how much pressure is required. Check the demand for your tool or machine, or ask the manufacturer for this information. If you want to replace the old compressor, please buy a new air compressor with the same rated pressure.

Capacity-Capacity is the amount of air that a compressor can generate and transmit to a machine or tool. In other words, this means how much air the compressor generates and is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The capacity of the compressor is measured in liters per minute, not the liters that many people think. To understand how much capacity you need, check the air requirements of tools and machines. Estimate how much air they will consume if you use them at the same time and walk around, and you know how much capacity you need.



If you want to replace the old crusher with a new air compressor, it is recommended to perform flow measurement to find the maximum capacity and pressure required. In this way, you will avoid making the same mistake again-buy a compressor with insufficient capacity or pressure to meet your needs.



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