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Linsheng-Choice Of Emergency Power Supply


LED emergency power supply is an accessory that assists […]

LED emergency power supply is an accessory that assists in the development of lamps. Its function is to keep the lamp on for a period of time in the event of a power failure. Generally, it is 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes, 180 minutes, according to requirements. Generally, it will be divided into full power emergency (luminance of 100W luminaires will not change after the power failure), power reduction emergency (power of 100W luminaires will be less than 100W after power failure, 5W or 15W may be used), emergency lighting is generally composed of three parts : LED lamps + LED drive power + LED emergency power

Selection of emergency power


First of all, you need to know the power of the luminaire, and the power required for emergency. Different luminaires are driven differently, and the emergency range is also different. Example: 100W Lamp Emergency 100W This kind of emergency power source should choose full power emergency. Example: 100W Emergency 5W


The second step is to determine the emergency time of the lamp. The general emergency time is between 30 minutes and 180 minutes.


The third step needs to determine whether the lamp has a driving power supply. Due to the size limitation of some lamps, the driving power and the emergency power supply need to be an integrated emergency power supply.

The fourth step needs to drive the type of lamps, different types of lamps, the number of wiring is different.


Fire wire L, neutral wire N of conventional lamps
High-power lamps: live line L, neutral line N, ground line E


The fifth step needs to know if there are special requirements for emergency power


1. Do you need to be waterproof and what is the waterproof level?
2. Are there any special requirements for input voltage / output voltage?
3. Are there any special requirements for the battery. Generally, there are many power lithium batteries, and some of the more demanding ones will also choose lithium iron phosphate batteries, nickel-chromium batteries, and nickel-hydrogen batteries.


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