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Linsheng Company Introduces The Classification Of Spotlights


Linsheng  Company introduces the classification of spot […]

Linsheng  Company introduces the classification of spotlights

1. Spotlight: The spotlight used on the stage refers to the use of a plano-convex condenser in front of the lamp. This kind of lamp can adjust the spot size, the beam is more concentrated, and the diffused light next to it is relatively small. The power is 0.5W to 5KW. The focal length is divided into long, medium, and short. The distance of the viewing distance is selected according to the needs. 


2. Ribbed light: or soft light, but in the TV industry, this type of light is called a spotlight. On the stage, in order to distinguish the above-mentioned plano-convex spotlight from being diffuse and soft, it has a large diffusion area. Sometimes, in order to control the diffuse light, a title page is added in front of the mirror to block it. Its characteristic is that the light area is large and does not seem to be concentrated The Le Deng has the sensation of obvious light spots, the shooting distance is relatively short, and the power is 1KW, 2KW, etc. 


3. Backlight: There is no lens in front of the lamp, and the larger reflector behind the light is emitted. The same 2KW bulb is brighter than the spotlight, so it is used when a strong light source and brightness are required on the stage. The characteristic is that the light beam is strong, but the focus point should be paid attention to when adjusting the light. It is not advisable to adjust the focus point on the colored paper or curtain, which will easily cause burning.


4. Imaging light: or shaped light, ellipsoid spotlight. There are many kinds of beam angles that can be selected and applied according to needs. The main feature is that it can cut the spot into various shapes such as square, rhombus, triangle, etc., or project various patterns and patterns. The power is also 1KW, 2KW, etc. Optional configuration. 


5. Simple lamp: also known as PAR lamp, or beam lamp, its structure is to install a mirror bulb in the cylinder and also use a reflective bowl with bromine tungsten bulbs. The main feature is to emit a relatively fixed beam, and the beam angle is wide and narrow. The spot size cannot be adjusted. 


6. Sky row light: high-power astigmatism light, used to illuminate the sky curtain from top to bottom, requiring bright and balanced light, and large illuminated area. 


7. Ground row lamp: high-power astigmatism lamp, used to put on the stage surface, the lower part of the sky curtain is facing upwards, and the light from the sky row lamp is connected, evenly up and down. 


8. Astigmatism strip light: long strip, divided into multiple grids, generally can be divided into three or four colors, each grid uses incandescent bulbs with a power of about 200W, and various colors are required to be connected evenly to illuminate a large area of ​​the screen or screen It can also be used for large-area balanced spreading, and various color lights can also be used at the same time to call out different color beams.